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I know that there are so many random "national days" popping up now on social media that it feels like almost every day is an excuse to celebrate something, even if its as silly as "national hat day" or "national bean day". And while I am down to celebrate national ice cream day (mmmm mint chocolate chip), I try to focus on the ones that bring awareness to causes or issues that need to be talked about.  But today I feel like celebrating National Relaxation Day (August 15th) is just as important than ever.

There have a been a handful of suicides in the media these last few months that left a lot of us shocked and speechless. These people seemed to have it all; the money, the fame, the careers. And yet it just proved, that money doesn't change the inner demons people may have inside. We truly do not understand what someone is going through internally, although on the outside they might appear to have it all. 

It truly is a balancing act devoting endless hours to a career, making great money, taking care of a household, eating well, having nice skin, a rocking body, drinking enough water, maintaining a social life, etc. It can be exhausting and draining. I got burned out a few months ago from working 50+ hours weeks and trying to take care of some health problems. I had no energy and no desire to do anything nor see anyone and it didn't feel good. It took me a while to snap out of the funk I was in, an it was very gradual. I had pushed my body and mind to the limit instead of allowing myself the time I needed to relax.

In order to avoid burnout and keep yourself well rested, you have to set some time aside for yourself. In a world of go, go, go that can be easier said than done. Are you doing well but you have a friend that is struggling lately? I encourage you to reach out to them and see if there is something you can do to help them out. A little can go a long way. Run an errand for them or scheduling a relaxing activity to do together. Relaxation is important it keeps us healthy, happy, and functioning optimally. Below is a a simple list of ways that you (or a friend) can relax.


I have a friend that is a "yes" woman. Need help getting an unwanted task done at work? She's the first to raise her hand and volunteer. Have a birthday coming up in two months? She's already planning out your party. Want to go out to dinner with her? She's already replied yes without even checking her calendar, and FYI-she already has five other things booked that day but she knows she can squeeze you in. She's a hard worker, provider, nurturer, who loves living life to the fullest. She's loves people hard and wants to go above and beyond for them. She likes having people depend on her. I have a lot of respect for her. But at the same time her "yes" woman attitude has caused some issues in her life. She has to cancel 90% of the time because she's beyond exhausted from her busy schedule. She had a few health issues (including losing her hair) because of the stress of her life. She kept filling her schedule to the brim, instead of just saying "no". There's no shame in saying "no". With only 24 hours in the day it's impossible to do it all. By setting aside free time you by default set-up time for yourself to relax and not do a dang thing. So the next time you have a busy day or week, make sure to schedule an hour or so of no plans so you spend time on yourself.


A day at the spa complete with massages and pampering sounds amazing but it also can be expensive. If you are balling on a budget but still want the spa treatment it's definitely possible to do so.  You can head to target or ulta to buy face masks, lip scrubs, manicure kits, and some oil diffusers. Add in some relaxing music and a refreshing drink (we love Pinterest recipes) and you've set-up an at home spa. A small amount of time and effort can go a long way for your health and well being. Have a friend that's been having a tough week and needs loving? Invite her over! Spend a few hours just focusing on yourselves and letting your mind and body get some much needed relaxation. Sometimes people need help but don't know how to ask for it. 


Sometimes you can't relax because of your environment. If you live in a place thats loud and crowded it can be hard to focus on yourself when there other things fighting for your attention. Putting yourself in a relaxing environment is important! Some people do yoga while others go for a run. For myself, I get distracted being in my own house so I like getting outside. I love going by myself to the beach while letting my mind relax as I hear the waves break against the sand. I also love taking a book to the park and enjoying a beautiful day outside.  If you are surrounded by distractions that overwhelm your life, literally remove yourself from them by putting yourself in a new relaxing environment.

This National Relaxation Day we challenge you take take an hour out for yourself whether you choose one of our tips or do something else.  Wind down and take it easy, you can't help others if you aren't taking care of yourself!